Q. Is ZeroWater® certified? 
A. The ZeroWater® Pitcher and filters are certified by NSF International.

Q. Does the filter remove PVC?
A. PVC is a type of plastic and doesn't leach out of the plastic into our system. Since our system is certified by NSF and has passed a leach test, there can't be any plastic particles in our water.

Q. Does the ZeroWater filter remove Fluoride?
A. ZeroWater filters are not certified for the reduction of fluoride however fluoride is an inorganic compound. The TDS meter is designed to detect inorganic compounds. Fluoride levels in water are usually around 2 to 4 ppm, which will show up on the meter as 002 to 004. So when filtered water reads 000 it is not likely that fluoride is present in water.

Q. Does the filter remove Uranium?
A. ZeroWater filters have materials commonly used in industry to treat uranium. The performance of ZeroWater filters to do this has not been tested because no water filtration lab has agreed to handle elevated levels of uranium.

Q. Does the filter remove Arsenic?
A. At this point in time, we are not certified for reduction of arsenic.

Q. Does the filter remove Chloramine?
A. We have done internal lab testing that shows our filters can reduce chloramine. However, the presence of chloramine can reduce the expected life of the filter, so if you have chloramine in your water, you may need to change your filter more often than normal.

Q. Does the filter remove Phenol?
A. We are not certified to reduce phenols.

Q. Does the filter remove Cryptosporidium?
A. We are not certified to reduce cryptosporidium (microbiological cysts).

Q. Does the filter remove bacteria?
A. The current system is meant to be used with municipally treated, potable water as the current filter will not remove microbiological contaminants.

Q. Does the filter remove oxygen from water?

A. The filters do not remove dissolved oxygen from water.

Q. Does ZeroWater have a Retail MAP policy?

A. Yes, click here for more information.