Q. How is ZeroWater® different?

  • It is a 5 stage filter which is more comprehensive.
  • Ion Exchange Technology as opposed to simple carbon only
  • Removes virtually all detectable dissolved solids

  • Q. How does the Zero Water filter work?
    A. When water passes through the Ion Exchange Filters, the ions that you may not want in the water or may make the water taste bad are collected and exchanged with water ions, like hydrogen.

    Q. How long will the filters last?
    A. Though we are lab-certified for 15 gallons per filter under the strictest conditions, our customers with tap water near 200 TDS tell us that one filter will treat about 30 gallons of water before seeing a reading of 006 on their TDS meter. The lower the TDS, the longer the filters will last. You need to test your water to know for yourself. 

    Q. When do I change the filters?
    A. When the TDS meter reads "006", the filters should be changed. It is strongly recommended that the reading not go past that point.

    Q. Does bacteria build up in the filter?
    A. The ZeroWater® system contains specific materials which inhibit the growth of bacteria within the cartridge.

    Q. What are ZeroWater filters made from?
    A. ZeroWater® filters have a proprietary mixture of resins and carbons.

    Q. What type of plastic is used in ZeroWater products?
    A. Food grade AS and ABS plastics.

    Q. Does ZeroWater remove pharmaceuticals from tap water?
    A. The testing authorities have not established protocols to evaluate how to measure if a filter removes pharmaceuticals from water. However, our filters contain activated carbon, which is designed to treat organic substances such as the active ingredients in many pharmaceuticals.

    Q. Are your filters recyclable?
    A. Yes, for more information on how you can participate in this program, please click here for more information.

    Q. Do ZeroWater products contain BPA
    A. No, all ZeroWater products are BPA-free.