Zerowater® Automatic Filter Subscription Program

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You know it's important to change your filter when your "indicator lights up" or when your "TDS meter reads above 006ppm". With our automatic filter replenishment program, you can always have a filter on-hand and available when you need it. Avoid unnecessary trips to the store or overnight shipping charges!

No Hassle Filters Delivered Automatically

How it Works

  • Choose how often you'd like your filters delivered
  • You will be notified prior to a shipment
  • An email reminder will be sent to you
  • You can cancel or update at any time

The Benefits

  • New filters delivered at your convenience
  • Never go without the pure taste of ZeroWater®
  • Discounts!
  • Free Shipping

Select Your Replacements

Note: If you have applied any coupons to your order - Replacement Filters should be purchased within a separate order. Adding a Replacement Filters to your order will remove any previously applied coupons. Filter Subscription Program only valid in the continental United States.

Not sure what to order?

If you are unsure of how many filters to purchase we suggest a 4 pack every 120 days (which equals 1 filter a month). You can adjust your auto subscription after this initial shipment should you need to.

How Many Gallons of ZeroWater Will You Get?

About the Filter

ZeroWater is the only pour-through filter on the market that meets FDA standards for TDS in purified bottled water and is certified by NSF to reduce lead and other heavy metals. We use a premium, five-stage filtration technology which removes virtually all dissolved solids from your tap water.