Q. Why can't I get a zero reading with my Pitcher? 
A. In order to get a perfect 000, there must be a complete seal when the filter is screwed in to prevent any contamination. Ensure that the filter is threaded correctly (watch for cross-threading) and fully seated in the water reservoir. Confirm that the black rubber gasket is present between the filter and reservoir and has not gotten stuck in any of the threads.

Q. Why does my filtered water taste acidic or fishy?
A. When the filtered water tastes acidic or fishy the filter has reached the point of exhaustion and must be replaced.

Q. The water is coming out black or gray. What's wrong?
A. Some brand new filters can let fine carbon particles into the water due to the way they've settled. This is completely safe and can be fixed by flushing the system until the water is clear.

Q. My brand new filter was wet / condensation was present in the plastic bag.
A. The content inside the filter is rinsed with purified water before it is packed. Sometimes, this can cause condensation inside the bag/lid, which is harmless.

Q. Flow Rate: Takes long to filter.
A. The water travels through 5 stages in order to bring your water down to 000. Most other filters are only 1-2 stages which is why there water can't reach 000. The slow flow of the water lets you know that the water is properly passing through each stage.

Q. Other: Soaking filter
A. Unlike other popular filters, our filters do not need to be soaked. However, it is a good idea to pour a few cups through to be sure your water is clear and reading 000.

Q. Pitchers: Pitcher faucet/spout leaking
A. Please contact us at (800) 503-2939 so we can trouble shoot with you and provide you with the appropriate replacement part. Please do not throw away your lid or your reservoir as they are still in working condition.

Q. Why is my TDS Meter/Indicator not working?
Digital Meter ‐ Press the on/off button if the LCD screen shows no reading then the batteries may need to be replaced. Remove the end of the meter and replace with (2) 357A or (2) LR44.

Light Indicator ‐ If you have a light indicator submerge about one inch into tap water (not filtered ZW). If it does not light up, the battery is probably dead. If you have a Light Indicator with an on/off button, repeat the same steps as you push and hold the on/off button while submerged. To replace the battery, remove the end of the meter/indicator and replace with (3) AG3.

Q. Bottles/Decanter/Cooler: Mold or algae in bottle or decanter
A. Just like any other appliance, our products need occasional cleaning. First, clean out the item, paying special attention to any spigots, spouts or small creases or parts. There are many surfaces there that can harbor stuff that will grow. Be sure your water doesn't sit in direct sunlight. When handling our products and filters, please be sure you thoroughly wash your hands so you don't transfer any bacteria into the water. Be sure you thoroughly clean all parts to ensure the product is ready for re-use.

Q. My cooler is leaking.
- How much water are you putting in the bottle? If the bottom part is full, you cannot add more water since the white divider ring is not water-tight. Even if the bottom is half full, you cannot completely fill the top since there is not enough empty space in the bottom.

- If the above instructions do not work please try the following and test your float valve.

To test your float valve remove the top portion of the bottle and white divider ring. Lift the bottom portion of the bottle placing your hand under the round float valve and push it up gently towards the bottle (this will close the float valve). If it is still leaking after that please contact us for a replacement.

Q. I am not getting a 000 TDS reading from my cooler.
A. First, please review the troubleshooting in your owner's manual. Secondly, the company has made some improvements and has changed the color of the filter adapter from white to a translucent blue color to differentiate the two. The filter adapter is the piece connecting 3 circles where both filters thread into. Lastly, if you have a white filter adapter please contact customer service for a replacement adapter.

Q. How do I clean out my cooler?
A. Clean the reservoir and spigots by mixing 1 tablespoon of baking soda into 1 gallon of hot water and pouring the solution directly into the cooler reservoir. Let the solution sit for about 30 minutes and then drain through spigots and drain plug. Then flush the cooler with 3 gallons of plain hot water using the same method.

Q. Cooler water is not getting cold or hot.
A. You will have to refer to your manufacturer's instruction manual to fix this problem. If you need additional support please contact customer service.

Q. Does ZeroWater reduce the pH of water?
A. Once the filter reaches end of life, you may experience an acidic or slightly fishy smell/taste in the water. As indicated in our instructions, once the digital meter reaches 006 or the light indicator lights up (depending on which was included in your device) you should discontinue the use of the expired filter and replace it. Our filtration has an end of life indication whereas standard filters do not. Continued use of the filter, after it expires, will only further deteriorate the ion beads and a reduction in pH may occur. The reduction in pH is not dangerous but there is a chance under extreme filter exhaustion that the pH levels may be reduced low enough to where you will experience a taste difference in the water, occurring at a meter reading below 1 or 2. We cannot determine if the filter failed prematurely as we have no indication of your tap water quality (all water is different and we have no way of knowing the specific properties in everyone’s water) nor your daily water consumption. Since the quality of tap water varies the reduction in pH, when your filter has reached the point of exhaustion, can vary as well.

Below is a link which shows the varying pH levels in regards to everyday products.