Are you passionate about ZeroWater?

Do you desire the purest tasting drinking water?

Do you want to exclusive ZeroWater deals and coupons?

Do you want FREE advertising?

Do you have what it takes?

We are expanding our Fitness Ambassador Program and we are looking for Ambassadors in the realm of health and fitness to represent our brand. Are you or is someone you know a fitness instructor, certified trainer or gym owner? If so, you may be interested in joining the franchise and becoming a ZeroWater Fitness Ambassador. Here are the details…

What We Ask of You

As a ZeroWater ambassador, all we ask is that you represent and support the brand wherever possible.

  • Post about us on social media
  • Post about us on your blog
  • Promote the ZeroWater brand in your local community
  • Recommend us to your friends and clients
  • Use our products in your gym, studio, or other place of work
  • Send us pictures of you using ZeroWater
  • Give away a number of our products at events you may be hosting
  • Provide us with quotes to use on social media and in newsletters (at our request)
  • Optional represent us at local shows, events and races
  • Any other ideas you may have we’re open!

What ZeroWater Will Do For You

  • Send you a welcome kit which contains a suite of ZeroWater products and promotional materials for you to use and/or share with friends, family, and clients
  • Keep you stocked with filters and the latest products
  • Supply you with products at your request (i.e., if you want to auction off a pitcher at an event, use pitchers as door prizes, give a tumbler to a client to try, keep a dispenser in your gym, etc.)
  • Promote you on our social media channels we have over 20,000 Facebook followers and over 50,000 email followers. We’re happy to promote your social profiles, blogs, or events at your request!
  • Post your bio on our website with you picture and social media and/or blog links to your page
  • Give you exclusive deals and coupons!

It’s really that simple!

You Must:

  • Be a Certified trainer, instructor or gym owner
  • Train/teach Yoga, Cross Fit, Weight Training, Karate, Spinning (Indoor Cycling), Kickboxing, Pilates, Barre, or a Group Fitness Class

If we haven’t mentioned what you teach…tell us! We want every type of instructor to be a part of our program.

To apply to be a ZeroWater Ambassador please fill out the below telling us:

How are you involved in the Fitness/Health Community? (select one or more of the following) *

  • Certified
  • Instructor / Teacher
  • Gym Owner

What areas of Fitness are you involved in? (select one or more of the following) *

  • Yoga
  • Cross – Fit
  • Karate
  • Kickboxing
  • Weight Training
  • Pilates
  • Barre
  • Group Fitness
  • Other

How many students do you have? (please type in a number) *

How long have you been a trainer or owned your own gym? *

Do you currently use ZeroWater? *

What State / Province do you live in? *

Please provide links to your current social media pages, website or blogs which are in relation to fitness, so we can review.*


Please provide the following: *

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