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22 cup ready-read dispenser with two 5-stage filters
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5-Stage Replacement Filter - 2 Pack
5-Stage Replacement Filter - 2 PackUp to 2 months of filtered water
5-Stage Replacement Filter - 3 Pack
5-Stage Replacement Filter - 3 PackUp to 3 months of filtered water
5-Stage Replacement Filter - 4 Pack
5-Stage Replacement Filter - 4 PackUp to 4 months of filtered water
Delivery every 2 months
Delivery every 3 months
Delivery every 4 months
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More Ways to Culligan ZeroWater

Taste the difference with refreshing and pure-tasting filtered water with each sip. Our 5-stage water filtration system removes virtually all dissolved solids (TDS), leaving nothing behind. Everyone loves Culligan ZeroWater - even pets! Ensure your family is getting the best.

Protecting Appliances

Reduce hard water effects on kettles, coffee makers, and irons
Pour over coffee preperation with a ZeroWater pitcher

Enhancing Beverages

Improve the taste of coffee, tea, and more
ZeroWater's 22 cup ready-read sitting next to infused water ingredients

Pet Care

Offer your pets filtered water, reducing the risk of UTIs
Filling a pet's water bowl with a ZeroWater dispenser