About Us

We are Culligan ZeroWater.

Since 2020, ZeroWater has been a proud member of the Culligan family. Combining ZeroWater's advanced 5-stage filtration technology and Culligan's 85-year legacy of water science and service, we're on a mission to give people instant access to cleaner, safer, better-tasting water.
Pour over coffee preperation with a ZeroWater pitcher

Better water starts with zero.

Culligan ZeroWater is a unique pour-through water filter specially designed to remove virtually all (99.9%) total dissolved solids (TDS) from your drinking water. And ZeroWater is proudly IAPMO certified to reduce harmful contaminants lead, PFOA/PFOS and chromium.
  • CheckRemoves virtually all dissolved solids for the purest-taste
  • CheckIs IAPMO certified to reduce lead and PFOA/PFOS
  • CheckReduces dozens of harmful contaminants like pesticides and mercury
Pour over coffee preperation with a ZeroWater pitcher

5-Stage Advanced Filtration

Our advanced 5-stage technology uses the science of deionization to remove 99.6% of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from your drinking water. With Culligan ZeroWater, you’ll be left with nothing but the purest-tasting water.

Stage 1

Mesh Filter Screen

Filtration starts with a mesh filter screen to remove suspended solids.

Stage 2

Foam Distributor

A layer of foam then evenly distributes water in preparation for the next stages.

Stage 3

Oxidation Reduction Alloy

An oxidation reduction alloy and fine filter screen remove organic contaminants.

Stage 4

Ion-Exchange Resin

Water then passes through an ion-exchange resin which absorbs inorganic compounds.

Stage 5

Ultra-Fine Mesh Screen

Finally, water continues through an ultra-fine mesh screen and out of the filter.

Zero compromise. Zero doubt.

Worried about what's in your water? Culligan ZeroWater removes guesswork so you can drink with confidence. All our pitchers and dispensers are equipped with a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter, so you always know the level of TDS in your water and when it's time to replace your filter.
Pour over coffee preperation with a ZeroWater pitcher

Our History

For over 90 years, Culligan has been on a mission to provide clean, healthy, great-tasting water.


Emmett J. Culligan founds the company and designs Culligan’s first home-owned softener, the Faucet Water Softener.

Our Footprint

Transforming water for millions worldwide

Culligan products and services provide clean, safe water in homes, offices, and communities around the world.


Countries with direct and indirect operations


Service visits per day


Employees worldwide

Our Sustainability Commitments

Culligan offers sustainable alternatives for all kinds of hydration needs, whether it be at home, work, or while on the go. We have developed and implemented product lifecycle assessment tools that are driven by data, and by 2030, we aim to evaluate 100% of our new products using ESG criteria.
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