Celebrate National Hydration Day 2024 - June 23rd

June 4, 2024

Join ZeroWater in celebrating National Hydration Day. Established in 2016, this yearly recognition of the importance of hydration serves a dual purpose. It pays tribute to Victor Hawkins, an inventor dedicated to athlete safety through enhanced hydration. This coach invented a mouthguard that releases electrolytes, dramatically boosting athlete hydration. This day also sparks important discussions about the health benefits of hydration and encourages actions that promote water intake for overall wellness.

A Bit of Hydration History

Public awareness about the health benefits of hydration began increasing in the latter half of the 20th century. As research delved deeper into the benefits of hydration, the message grew clearer that staying hydrated greatly benefits our health. Scientists and health advocates have long emphasized the crucial role water plays in maintaining optimal health and performance, and this growing knowledge paved the path for the founding of National Hydration Day.

This day is a celebration and a reminder that understanding and appreciating the importance of staying hydrated is vital for everyone.

Hydration for Health

Water is truly indispensable to our well-being. It fuels every cellular activity in our bodies, it aids in digestion, absorption and transportation of nutrients, and so much more. Without adequate water, our systems falter, highlighting how critical it is to stay hydrated.

Experts have long recommended drinking at least eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day but this amount is just a baseline, as water intake is an individualized number that’s based on factors such as a person’s lifestyle, activity level, health conditions, medications, and geographic conditions. It also depends on how much water a person takes from other beverages and food sources throughout the day. When actively consuming only water, ZeroWater's line of pitchers and dispensers offers a convenient way to meet your daily water intake goal. Remember that when it comes to hydration, use the recommended daily intake as a starting point and listen to your body's needs.

If you’re concerned about being able to drink the amount of water to maintain your body’s hydration needs each day, we recommend investing in a large water bottle. Carrying large water bottles around has become a trend, making it easier for a lot of people to meet their hydration goals. Some even mark the side of the bottles with the amount of water you should drink in a given day.

These oversized containers aren’t merely accessories; they’re a visible commitment to hydration, show awareness about the health benefits of staying hydrated, and display a proactive approach to meeting daily water intake needs. The rise in this trend is promising, as it showcases a societal shift towards healthier lifestyle choices.

Health Benefits of Basic Hydration

Water serves as the foundation for your health, fueling every cell and organ. Maintaining hydration provides various benefits, including:

  •       Enhanced cognitive function
  •       Body temperature regulation
  •       Improved physical performance
  •       Increased mental focus
  •       Clearer skin
  •       Joint lubrication
  •       Kidney protection
  •       Improved blood flow
  •       Healthier immune system

In the spirit of National Hydration Day, embrace these benefits by prioritizing your water consumption on this day and each day going forward.

Importance of Staying Hydrated in Warmer Weather and During Exercise

As climate change escalates, warmer months demand we pay attention to our hydration levels. Elevated temperatures intensify fluid loss through sweat, making it important to replace this fluid loss by staying well-hydrated. With climate change ushering in longer periods of heat in some regions, staying hydrated has never been more crucial.

Additionally, during intense workouts, your body sweats out vital fluids. This loss impairs both your performance and recovery. Replenishing these fluids while exercising is crucial, ensuring you stay on top of your game and recover swiftly.

During exercise and for everyday hydration, water remains the unbeatable choice and promotes health without the added sugars or calories of sports drinks. Opting for pure water ensures hydration without the added drawbacks of infused beverages.

Hydration Goals

Setting personal hydration goals boosts your overall health and makes you more likely to stay hydrated. If you don’t already have a daily hydration goal, National Hydration Day is the perfect time to set one and then prioritize meeting your daily hydration goal until it becomes a habit.

To motivate and support yourself in reaching this goal, initiate a challenge to consume at least eight glasses of water daily (or whatever amount is best for your needs). Chart your progress and celebrate small victories. Investing in a quality water bottle can also be a great way to inspire you and remind you to take regular sips throughout the day.

Water Filtration Options Available from ZeroWater

Water filtration solutions, such as those provided by ZeroWater, ensure the contaminants in the water you drink are reduced. This can dramatically improve the taste and quality of your drinking water, which may encourage you and your family to consume more water throughout the day. Additionally, filtered water is a healthier alternative to sugary drinks or sports beverages and supports your health and hydration goals.

Image: ZeroWater 22 Cup Ready-Read Dispenser

ZeroWater offers a variety of water filtration solutions designed to meet every need. From compact pitchers and dispensers to larger, multi-stage systems, these options are designed to enhance the quality of your hydration. When you invest in a ZeroWater filtration system, it becomes simple and enjoyable to drink water every day – and you’ll have peace of mind knowing the water you’re consuming is cleaner and healthier than other sources of water.

Find some quick and easy ways to celebrate National Hydration Day and get on the hydration health train with us today. Feel free to check out our FAQ section or contact us via phone or email with any questions.


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