Why Holiday Meals Taste Better with Filtered Water

November 28, 2022

The holidays are here and you’re probably ready to make the most delicious meals ever for your friends and family. Besides getting delicious ingredients for your holiday menu, have you thought about how water can improve the taste of your meals? Today, we’ll discuss why filtered water may be the secret ingredient missing from your menu and the delicious impact it can have on your holiday meals.

Filtered water improves the natural flavors and smells of food

You could be spending hours making your turkey, gravy, green bean casserole, and stuffing taste absolutely delicious. You’ve looked for the right recipes, found the right ingredients, and are ready to impress your family and friends. However, your tap water may be taking away from the natural flavors of your perfectly prepared meals.

Unfortunately, many municipal taps contain minerals, heavy metals, and other contaminants that can make your meals taste metallic or cloud out the natural flavors. Chemicals like chlorine in particular act as bleaching agents and can take the delicious flavors right out of your turkey, potatoes, and stuffing. While we can’t guarantee your turkey will be the best on the block, we can say with confidence that filtered water can certainly make it taste better. 

Let’s not forget smells, too. We all love deviled eggs, but no one loves an unnatural egg smell coming from your stuffing or green bean casserole. Unpleasant odors can be a byproduct of certain chemicals being present in your cooking water. If you want your holiday meals to taste and smell the way they’re supposed to, it’s a good idea to filter out cooking water that may have a foul odor or could negatively affect the smell of your carefully planned, delectable dishes.

Using filtered water, like our 5-stage filters, can help remove 99.6% of total dissolved solids(TDS) like lead, chromium, and fluoride which impact the natural flavors and smells of your food. Set yourself up for success by using filtered water.

Filtered water makes holiday cocktails taste more delicious

Whether you’re making alcoholic, non-alcoholic, or infused water beverages for your guests, they’ll taste so much better with filtered water. Water-based holiday beverages like spritzes will have a less metallic flavor when using filtered water.

Even mocktails and water infusions will taste better with filtered water. Adding pure-tasting water-based beverages to your dinner table—and encouraging guests to stay hydrated while enjoying them—can be a helpful tool to keep the morning-after hangover away.

Some great holiday-infused water combinations to try include;

  • Pears and cinnamon sticks

  • Oranges and pomegranate seeds

  • Apples, pomegranate seeds, and cinnamon sticks

Fortunately, we at ZeroWater have the only pour-through water filters NSF-certified to reduce PFOA/PFOS, lead and fluoride, the minerals, and contaminants that greatly affect the taste of your holiday cocktails. Say goodbye to the mineral taste in your favorite holiday drinks and hello to a happy holiday.

Filtered water may help baked goods turn out better

If you’re planning on making homemade biscuits or cakes this year, consider using filtered water. Yeast is a necessary ingredient to give rise to bread and baked goods. However, certain minerals and contaminants may inhibit yeast from rising fully. The reason for this is that the influx of minerals can make it more difficult for the flour proteins to absorb water. This causes the yeast to not ferment as much and therefore can change the texture of your holiday baked goods. Using filtered water in your flour-based recipes will likely yield a much better result for your holiday cake and biscuits.

Our 5-stage filters make it easy to fill up several cups of water for your recipes without sacrificing buoyancy or flavor. Use filtered water that’s free of lead, chromium, fluoride, and other contaminants in order to give your baked goods the best chance of rising beautifully. 

Filtered water can also help your friends and family create delicious meals, too

No need to hog all of the filtered water for yourself! Our 5-stage filters and other products are great gifts for friends and family. Even if you’re not the one cooking this year’s meals, gifting a water filter to someone who is cooking can make you the hero of the holiday season.

If the person who is baking or cooking this year is nervous about a flat cake, tasteless turkey, or holiday drinks that aren’t delicious, offer a water filter to give them a tasty head start. Looks like Christmas came early this year!

Set your holiday meals up for success

While the holiday season can be stressful for many, removing barriers to a savory celebration can help ease the anxiety about creating those high-stakes holiday spreads. Filter your water using our 5-stage filters, faucet mounts, and other products, and remove 99.6% of unwanted water contaminants to create the most delicious meals possible. With filtered water, you can make your favorite holiday a truly delectable event.