Q. How long will the filters last? 

Q. When do I change the filters?
A. When the TDS meter reads "006", the filters should be changed. It is strongly recommended that the reading not go past that point. Unlike conventional filters, you many notice a difference in taste or smell when the ZeroWater® filter has reached end of life. We highly recommend you change your filter at this point.

Q. ZeroWater® filters vs. other pitcher filters
•It is a 5 stage filter which is more comprehensive than conventional 2 stage filters
•Ion Exchange Technology as opposed to simple carbon only
•Removes virtually all (99.6%) detectable dissolved solids while leading brands removes up to 50%

Q. Does well/spring water cause shorter filter life vs. "city" water?
A. The life of the filter depends on the TDS going in, not whether your water is from a well, a spring, or a municipality. Before using your well water with our system, be sure to have it tested.

Q. Does bacteria build up in the filter?
A. The ZeroWater® system contains specific materials which inhibit the growth of bacteria within the cartridge.

Q. What type of plastic is used in ZeroWater® products?
A. ZeroWater® filters are made of BPA Free Polypropylene
ZeroWater® devices are made of BPA Free Polypropylene and ABS

Q. Are your filters recyclable?
A. Yes, for more information on how you can participate in this program, please click here for more information.