Starter Kits

You'll receive a pitcher or a dispenser with one filter already inside plus two additional replacement filters. Up to 3 months of the purest tasting water, now at a 10% discount with free shipping!
ZeroWater starter kit

Common Questions

What does Zerowater filter?

Our 5-Stage Ion Exchange filter effectively removes total dissolved solids and reduces harmful pollutants like lead, chromium, asbestos, and forever chemicals PFOA/PFOS from your tap water. Check out our link ( to see all the impurities our filters can reduce, and drink with peace of mind knowing your water is clean and safe.

When do I change my filter?

Get the purest-tasting drinking water with ZeroWater 5-stage filters, which are designed to remove 99.6% of total dissolved solids (TDS). However, since TDS levels vary based on where you live and your water source, the filter life might differ. That's why we've included a handy TDS meter with your ZeroWater device. Just test your tap water and compare the TDS levels with our national averagechart. Remember, our filter works differently from others, so replace it when the TDS meter reads 006 or higher. If your TDS level is average and you consume 8 cups daily, expect your filter to last 1-2 months.

How long does the filter last?

The ZeroWater 5-stage filters are designed to remove 99.6% of TDS to give you the purest-tasting drinking water. Our filters can handle high TDS levels – even above 300 ppm. However, the higher the TDS levels, the harder the filter has to work. Our filters can typically provide up to 25 gallons of filtered water in areas with an average TDS level of 200 ppm or less. So, if your TDS level is above the national average, you may need to replace your filters more often. To get a better idea of how long your filters will last, use the TDS meter included in your ZeroWater dispenser purchase to test your home tap water. Then you can use this chart to compare your TDS levels with the national average and get an idea how much water you can get out of one filter.

How does the filter work?

Our innovative 5-stage filtration process combines multiple technologies to remove both organic and inorganic contaminants from your water. Here's how it works:First, our activated carbon infused micron cloth effectively traps contaminants for maximum purification. Next, our multi-layer system combines carbon and oxidation reduction alloy to ensure optimal filtration. Our unique distributor design maximizes contact time between the water and the filter, guaranteeing enhanced effectiveness. Our comprehensive ION EXCHANGE array effortlessly eliminates impurities. And finally, our filter includes a non-woven membrane to eliminate even the finest particles. With our advanced system, you can always enjoy the purest-tasting water.